Responsive and explains things in a way I can understand

Nerdworks is always quick to respond to our requests, explains things in a way that is easy to understand, and they are always there when we need them. Not long ago, a hacker took over my computer and tried to hold it for ransom, but they were able to unlock my computer without paying. They’ve helped us implement better protection against such attacks since then.

Weldon Smith Owner
First American Electric LLC

Trusted, responsive, and personable

I like having a trusted person, who knows what they are doing, to be there to look into a problem very quickly. I’m always concerned about people who are trying to get into my system, and know that Nerdworks is totally trustworthy. One time my computer ran very slowly and Nerdworks remotely did a complete clean-up that made it work like new. The technician asked me about specific programs to make it personal. I like being able to talk to him while he works. With Nerdworks, I can relax and know that I can get my computer working very quickly/remotely. I use my computer daily for business, and know that I can continue working without a lot of interruptions.

Peggy Avent, PhD Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

On time, professional, very knowledgeable.

I requested help with setting up a new computer. Nerdworks Services arrived on time, were very professional, and answered all of my questions. They were very knowledgeable!

Joan D. Hurst, TX

Very knowledgeable

Craig was very knowledgeable. He tried to solve problem over the phone, but my luck, it did not work out. He tried several different ways to find best option for me. He was very conscious of time and gave me different ways to finish things myself and save. I did not do that. I know my luck. Very courteous and knows his stuff.

Susan K. Irving, TX